Become an APTNE Board Member

APTNE is looking for nominations for those interested in serving on the APTNE Board of Directors.

We are proud to have a dynamic and active chapter of APTI, and the success of that is largely dependent on our Board of Directors who volunteer their time to administer APTNE activities.  Being on the APTNE Board is not a ‘figure head’ position, and we expect active participation from all of our board members!  Typical roles and responsibilities include attendance on our monthly board calls, support of local events and our annual meeting/Symposium, and active participation in one or more Committees (Student Scholarship, Finance, Membership/Sponsorship, Nominations, Events, and Symposium).  Other additional responsibilities could include managing chapter finances, secretarial duties, website administration, local outreach, and the planning of our annual Symposium and meeting. 
If you are interested in the opportunity to join the APTNE Board of Directors, we encourage you to submit your name for consideration which will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee on the current Board for applicability.

Board Nomination Requirements:

  • Minimum of one (1) full calendar year of APTNE membership at the time of application.
  • Attendance of at least two (2) APTNE events over the course of the past three (3) years
  • Actively working as a professional in a field applicable to the preservation of historic structures
  • Primary residence and profession within APTNE jurisdiction (New England, New York, or Northern New Jersey)
  • Provide the following: resume, short biography, short description of why you want to be on the board and your interests 
  • Member shall be nominated by providing a list of five (5) members of APTNE, including one (1) current APTNE Board Member, who have endorsed you for this position.  Name and contact information only shall be provided, using the application form.

The due date for Board Nomination Submission is December 15th.  

If deemed applicable, you name will be included on the ballot for 2020 Board of Directors, to be sent out to the general membership for voting 30-days prior to the 2020 Annual Meeting and Symposium.

Submit your Nomination

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