Past Events List


9/23/2021 Traditional Tradesperson Spotlight - Ben Brandt: Wood Windows and Odd Doors
8/27/2021 Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball LIVE!
7/22/2021 Going Deep - Geo-thermal System Integration at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC
6/17/2021 Restoring a Boston Treasure:
Comprehensive Restoration of the Robert Gould Shaw & Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial
5/20/2021 A Tale of Two Domes:
The Restoration of Domes at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Gould Memorial Library in New York City
4/29/2021 APTNE Spring Virtual Networking Event
4/15/2021 Building Stone "Virtual" Walking Tour - Staten Island, NY
3/18/2021 Exploring the Legacy of the Monsanto House of the Future:
A Creative Collaboration in Structural Plastics That was Ahead of its Time
2/26/2021 2021 Annual Meeting & Symposium
1/14/2021 How the Future of Historic Preservation will Change as a Result of COVID-19 
12/03/2020 Conservation at Home: Relocating a Timber Framed Church from New York to Ohio
11/12/2020 Courting the Next Wave of Preservation Tradespeople with HOPE Crew, National Trust for Historic Preservation
10/29/2020 Ornamental Copper Cornice Restoration at Trinity Centre in Lower Manhattan
10/15/2020 Building Stone "Virtual" Walking Tour - Bronx & Westchester County, NY
09/22/2020 Saint Elizabeths Hospital Revitalization in Washington DC
07/30/2020 Preservation at Home Series:
Slate Roof Replacement of a 125 Year Old Victorian House in Westerleigh Staten Island, NY
07/16/2020 Preservation at Home Series:
The Rehabilitation of a 1935 Colonial Dutch Revival Style House in Troy, NY
06/25/2020 Guastavino Tile: Architecture, Technology, History
05/19/2020 Reglazing Modernism: Intervention Strategies for the Renewal of 20th Century Icons
02/29/2020 Saturday Tours - 2020 Annual Meeting & Symposium
02/28/2020 2020 Annual Meeting & Symposium
01/23/2020 Woodgraining & Gilding Workshop with John Canning & Co.
12/04/2019 New York City Winter Holiday Party
12/07/2019 Boston Winter Holiday Party
12/04/2019 New York City Winter Holiday Party
11/08/2019 Moynihan Train Hall Site Tour & Networking Event- New York City, NY
10/24/2019 Art or Awful: The Preservation and Conservation of Graffiti- Webinar
10/12/2019 MASS Moca: Art of Transformative Reuse Tour
9/28/2019 NYC Building Stone Walking Tour- Lower Manhattan
9/27/2019 NYC Building Stone Walking Tour- Upper West Side/Morningside Heights
08/16/2019 Harvard Hall Hard Hat Tour- Cambridge, MA
08/09/2019 A Night at the Game: Member Appreciate Event- Coney Island, NY
05/30/2019 APTNE/NPC: Aerialists & Explorers: Unconventional Engagement with Historic Preservation Practice
04/25/2019 ICRI Architectural Concrete Repair All-Day Symposium 
03/29/2019 TWA Terminal at JFK Reimagined: Special Behind the Scenes Tour
02/02/2019 Saturday Tours - 2019 Annual Meeting and Symposium
02/01/2019 2019 Annual Meeting and Symposium
12/13/2018 2018 Winter Holiday Party in New York City & Boston
11/08/2018 Green-Wood Cemetery Tour
10/19/2018 2018 Evergreene Plaster Workshop
10/05/2018 Mount Greylock Veterans War Memorial Tower Tour
09/08/2018 Building Stone Walking Tour- New Haven, CT
08/11/2018 A Day in Historic Saratoga Springs
07/20/2018 Night at the Game - Member Appreciation Event
05/24/2018 Richardson Olmsted Campus Behind the Scenes Tour
05/17/2018 Child's Restaurant Tour & Networking Event
05/01/2018 NPC Networking Event with the Sane Energy Project
04/18/2018 Urban Forum: Climate Change and Historic Preservation 
03/15/2018 Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Materials Testing Lab Tour
02/03/2018 Restoration and Modernization of the Sterling Memorial Library Nave
02/03/2018 Conservation of the Yale Center for British Art
02/02/2018 2018 Annual Meeting and Symposium
12/05/2017 Holiday Party in New York City & Boston
09/28/2017 Evergreene Plaster Workshop
08/29/2017 St. John's Episcopal Church Tour- Yonkers, NY
08/23/2017 La Farge Murals at Trinity Church- Boston, MA
06/08/2017 NPC Networking Event with the Mary Kay Judy
06/03/2017 Building Stone Walking Tour- Boston, MA
05/06/2017 Building Stone Walking Tour- Providence, RI
03/30/2017 Historic Pub Night- Boston & New York City
03/15/2017 6th International Architectural Paint Research Conference
02/04/2017 Tours- 2017 Annual Meeting and Symposium
02/03/2017 2017 Annual Meeting and Symposium
12/15/2016 Holiday Party 2016
10/07/2016 APTNE in the Berkshires
06/16/2016 Evening in the Guggenheim Museum
05/05/2016 NPC Networking Event with the SS Columbia Project
02/05/2016  2016 Annual Meeting and Symposium
12/02/2015 Holiday Party 2015
09/18/2015 Summer Metropolitan Museum Tour
08/06/2015  APTNE & ICRI Manhattan Boat Cruise
07/24/2015 Rosendale Mines & Century House Museum Tour 
06/12/2015 Preservation Pub Crawl- New York City & Boston
05/08/2015 Boston Valley Terra Cotta & Downtown Buffalo Tour
04/29/2015 The Modern Firm, Then and Now: Jan Hird Pokorny Associates
02/07/2015 St. Patrick's Cathedral Tour
02/06/2015 Symposium Reception & Networking Event at Carnegie Hall
02/06/2015 2015 Annual Meeting and Symposium
11/14/2014 MANITOGA/Russel Wright House, Studio, and Woodland Garden Tour
09/26/2014 Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour
06/06/2014 Vermont Quarries Tour
04/05/2014 Woodlawn Cemetery Tour
02/08/2014 Trinity Church Tour
02/07/2014 2014 Annual Meeting and Symposium
11/08/2013 Disaster Mitigation at the Barnum Museum
07/23/2013 Philip Johnson Glass Hour Tour
05/20/2013 Preserving the Metropolis- APT NYC 2013 Conference Fundraiser
05/03/2013 New York State Capitol Building Tour
02/01/2013 2013 Annual Meeting and Symposium
09/22/2012 Troy's Tiffany Treasures
06/22/2012 Saint Gaudens NHS and Windsor, VT 
04/20/2012 Peebles Island Collections Care Center Tour
02/03/2012 2012 Annual Meeting and Symposium 
11/01/2011 Waterbury, CT City Hall Tour
02/04/2011 2011 Annual Meeting and Symposium
10/01/2010 America's First Shaker Settlement Tour
02/05/2010  2010 Annual Meeting and Symposium

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