Student Opportunities

It is part of our mission to educate the future professionals  by actively seeking out the participation of students within our chapter.  APTNE engages students with a strong passion for historic preservation and/or related academic fields through free access to our chapter and our chapter events, community outreach, and annual scholarships.

Please reach out to the Student Outreach co-chairs Lena Currie and James Norberg or join our mailing list to learn about even more opportunities!

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Membership in APTNE is free for students. Eligible students include a person enrolled half-time or more in an accredited preservation program, a preservation certificate program, a graduate degree program, a college degree program, high-school diploma education, or a trade union apprenticeship program.

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Student Liaisons

This year, we reached out to active APTNE student and young professional members to serve on the Student Outreach Committee.  We are proud to be working with the following accomplished individuals:


Angela Fernandes
Cornell University, New York



Preme Chaiyatham
Columbia University, New York



Past Student Presenters

At our Annual Meeting and Symposium, we often have student presenters as part of our line up.  In the last few years, these presenters have included:

2023: Preston Hull
2022: Preme Chaiyatham
Shivali Gaikwad, Olivia McCarthy-Kelley, Meris Westberg

2020: Anna Albrecht
2018: Arielle Harris, Shelby Schrank
2017: Makenzie Leukart
2014: Jiewong Song



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